Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sr. Laura Brown, fsp, celebrates her Jubilee in Hawai'i

At the Pauline Books and Media Center on April 22, with Pauline friends.

This cake was baked by my daughters, Cy and Charity Therese

Sr. Laura with Esper, a volunteer at the bookstore

Today's diocesan celebration with other nuns, sisters, brothers, and clergy

Sr. Laura, with Jerry, his wife Faith, and their son


Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

What a great place to celebrate!Happy Jubilee!

jeffmathews said...

Congratulations, Sr. Laura! Blessings from St. Louis! I agree with Sr. Margaret Charles, what a great place to celebrate! Awesome pictures, Easter - thank you for sharing them!

Paula Marie said...

Congratulations, Sr. Laura!
Hawaii is THE place to celebrate, isn't it? We'll get you on this shore later!
Sr Paulamarie

Easter A. said...

Thanks so much for you greetings for Sr. Laura!

Love to you all!