Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mid West Cooperators

Meeting Cooperators in the Mid-West - Since May 26th I have had the opportunity to visit Pauline Cooperators in Chicago and St Louis. In Chicago I met Brent for the first time (and we are now friends on Facebook of course). At Ascension Church Sr Margaret Joseph and I joined Bernie and Jeananne for morning Liturgy followed by lunch. There is a recording of Bernie at the for internal cooperator sharing. Getting back together with the Johnsons on Saturday was terrific. Loretta is interested in beginning JClub bookfairs in north Illinois. Daniel is talented on many areas: journalism, radio/audio voice, teaching. Their children are amazing. Then Vijay joined us for the Memorial Day picnic, taking a train up from the Naperville, IL area.

Now I am in St Louis, MO. Here I have relatives who are Cooparators: John, who serves on our board is being ordained a Deacon this Saturday. His son Paul worked for us in Boston and lives there now with his family. George is also on our board and works as director in the Office for Lay Ministry for the Archdiocese. Jan supports the Cooperator Office with a monthly offering. I hope to meet Dr Jeffrey while I am here - and so many other friends, Cooperators, relatives who are great supporters and prayers for evangelization in today's church.

This weeked I attend NACAR (North American Conference for Associates and Religious). More on that later!

Sr Margaret

PS Jeffrey Mathews joined us for a celebratory dinner last evening here with the St Louis community: Sr Assumpta, Sr Rebecca, Sr Noel, and Sr Emi. The postulants and Sr Mary Joan just left for vacation. Sr Karen Marie arrived from Boston. Mom and my Aunt Carol also joined us. We just fit around the table! Jeffrey brought wine that Blessed Alberione would have had while in the seminary in Alba. He will share the story some day!

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