Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oops! And Not oops! And something from Blessed Alberione!

My fellow Cooperators and Pauline sisters,

I goofed and put up pix of my two new grandbabies here instead of on my own blog. When I realized what I had done, I was going to delete the posting here, but you know what? I'm going to leave it here because you are my brothers and sisters in the Pauline family, and one shares good news with family. And new life is Good News Indeed!
But I had intended to post something in this APC blog. It is this. I have been making the Hour of Adoration as often as I can lately, and I recommend it HIGHLY to any of you who is not currently doing it. I am AMAZED at how it keeps me mindful of the Lord. Often, I do not feel like going at all, so the first thing I do when I get there is say to Jesus Master, "Okay, Lord, I'm here, but I don't wanna be. I'm reluctant to do this, I just want to let you know this from the get go. I've got tons of stuff on my To Do list, and it feels like every one of them is more pressing than stopping by to spend time with you. Because, Y'know, You'll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next. And I REALLY have to get that book review written and that proposal edited and my house is a mess. "
But once I confess how reluctant I am to be there, and acknowledge that all my excuses are lame and in reality it's just because I'm used to being lazy, I tell Jesus that I really do love Him and I really do want to be with Him. And I get down to it.

So... I HOPE I am preaching to the choir. I hope that ALL OF YOU make a Visit once a day. I had to ask Sr. Maria Kim if the sisters count daily Mass as part of the Visit, and discovered (as I suspected) that nope, it's an Hour with Jesus in addition to daily Mass. Seems like my life is too busy. And yours, if you are not retired like I am, is even busier.

But, I tell you truly -- go to the Lord, sit with the Lord, pray with Fr. Alberione, Mother Thecla, Brother Timothy and the other Paulines in heaven. You will soon grow to love and need this time set apart! It's like Paradise on earth. And from the Eucharist, Jesus Master DOES enlighten. And there IS NO NEED to be afraid. And if you are as lazy as I am, you will be very thankful that you can HOLD TO A PENITENT HEART.
I am reading Abundantes Divitiae Gratiae Suae during my Hour. Here's something that made me feel a direct connection to the Founder, and to realize that his mental projections into the future were not only accurate, but that he intuited you, and me, and the rest of us who are following him in this 21st century:

He had a clear grasp of his own nothingness, while concurrently he experienced in the Eucharist "vobiscum sum usque ad consummationen saeculi" ("I am with you always", Mt 28:20), and that he could count on the Host, on Jesus, for light, nourishment, consolation and victory over evil.

Projecting himself mentally into the future he felt that in the new century generous people would experience what he was feeling; and that teamed up into an organization they could bring about what Toniolo kept on repeating: "Unite; if
the enemy finds us alone he will defeat us one by one." -- Abundantes Divitiae Gratiae Suae, p. 39: 16-17.


Margie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos of you grandchildren, Rae. I hope all Pauline Cooperators will unite in prayer and apostolate, as well as in study and in poverty, for God's glory, in the Christian community and humanity, in USA & around the world.

May God bless the Pauline Family and their loved ones and the people they serve to the ends of the world. Amen.

Advance Happy Feast Day of St. Paul the Apostle!


Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Thank you so much Rae -

dj said...

Glad to see those precious children!

Easter A. said...

Wonderful post, Rae!

Easter A. said...

Wonderful post, Rae!