Sunday, June 27, 2010

This year's model of grandbabies!

Babies are bursting out all over!!
So far, the spring/summer of 2010 has yielded a bounty in Stabosz grandchildren!
At the top is Rosalyn Gwenhyver Gregg, born to Em and Scott a few weeks ago. (I'm a Bad, Bad grandmom. I can't locate her actual date of birth.) Her big brother Simon took to her just fine, and seems to be enjoying his sudden status as a Big Boy. He comes over to play with his cousins Owen and Wade now, and is always exciting when we tell him they'll be here.
The bottom baby is fresh out in the world, this is little Ishmael Matthew Stabosz, Jr., born yesterday at 4:37 am to Ish and Sine' .
I look at these pix and just grin from ear to ear. God is good!


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Easter A. said...

Whohooooo!!! Another beauty! Praise our Lord!!!