Saturday, June 19, 2010

Washington State Visit and Oil on Florida Beaches

The art work is provided by my niece Renee (computer graphics).
 I am back in the South until the Feast of St Paul (June 30th). After a trip to Washington (Seattle area) to visit my sister and her family, my mom and I are spending the rest of vacation in Gulf Breeze, Florida at her home and with my other brothers, sisters and their families. We went out to check the beach this morning. The water was clear.  BP employed oil-pod searchers walked with bright orange colors searching the sand for signs of tar deposits (after effect of the oil leak). The media has anticipated the worst - but it isn't on the beaches yet and the water is clear for miles out. Latest reports are that the marine animals and fish are swimming futher away and may find crowded conditions for living. I wonder how that looks in the deep? Mom reminded me that about 20 years ago the same event happened in the Mexican waters of the Gulf. She said tar ended up on Pensacola Beach daily. People swam around the deposits not knowing it was from an oil leak until months later. Over time it did clear up. There is discussion about setting off fireworks because the oil might ignite. Since it is being burned off anyway wouldn't that be OK? What about lightening storms? I am praying that there are no hurricanes that will stir it all together and bring oil down on the mainland. I am also praying that all the pledged money from BP will really go to asssit those who need the assistance - and not just end up being used to look like someone is doing something. Do you really need a crew of people scouring the beaches for possible tar balls? Let beach goers volunteer to report any they find. There is more of a chance that someone enjoying the sand and water will report an oddity than creating jobs for it at this point in time. At present I advise vacation goers to come on down to Pensacola and enjoy the beautiful white sand and pristine waters. This is the best way to help the people on the Gulf.

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Easter A. said...

Hi Sr. Margaret! I saw your video of the beautiful ocean. Glad to know you are having a fantastic vacation.:-)