Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Media Literacy & Spiritual Literacy

Atlantic Magazine
In a recent Advertising Age article "Our un-social media: taking our relationships to the next level." Pete Blackshaw wrote: "What we also have here, amid our endless connections, is a failure to communicate -- and we barely know it. Conversational discontinuities are everywhere. Few people these days ever look up in public spaces -- on planes, on elevators, in restaurants, even while walking down the street. We're perpetually looking down or escaping into our wireless devices. Heck, "Bowling Alone" seems more social than neckless social-media cocooning. Welcome to Generation Heads Down!"

Once we start reflecting on the new technology and its meaning in our world the search for our soul in it begins. It is for this reason that I also blog about communication's spirituality.  A media spirituality does exist and can be found within the Pauline charism (http://communicationspirituality.blogspot.com/).Connected here are blogs of Paulines who specifically and consitantly reflect on the media, communication, and media literacy.

Here are some other sites that can give pause for reflection on the social media and media in general:

Teach Media Literacy Last month, The Atlantic Magazine published a special report calling for the "pressing need" to teach media literacy in the schools. Readers commented, deepening the debate surrounding media literacy education. To read the full article and comments [click here]

Media Literacy and the Common Core  Last month the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) debuted the Common Core Standards for what American school children should learn. But to what extent is media literacy included? [learn more][download the standards]

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