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Alberione's Prophecy

"I need to tell you something that the Lord
let me know about on the feast of Saint Bernard."

The Letter from Susa, Italy to the first Paulines
On 22 August 1924 Fr Alberione wrote the following letter from Susa. It reflects the thoughts going through his own mind; thoughts that he now recommends to his sons to animate them to conform bet-ter and better to their Pauline vocation. Fr Alberione perceives and conveys the greatness of this vocation, even if he links it immediately to the notion of the “account” that he and all Paulines will have “to render to God.”

To the members of the Pious Society of Saint Paul

I just wrote [to you] yesterday, but today, too, I need to tell you something that the Lord let me know about on the feast of Saint Bernard.

I don’t know if this will make you feel happier or more scared; perhaps more scared than happy at first, because, just as the Theologian did, so you, too, will have to think of the greater account that we shall have to render to God.
I don’t know if, sometimes, you ever think of making a comparison between our House, little as it is, and the great tree of the Salesian Family, or the mighty oak of the Family of Saint Ignatius; or the two Orders of Friars, the Dominicans and the Sons of Saint Francis, or, even more, the amazing development of the Sons of Saint Benedict.

Well now, all this is very little in comparison to what the Lord wants, expects and asks of us.

I am reading the life of that missionary adventurer, Saint Francis Xavier. I can tell you that more than half of you are destined to do the good he did; while others [among you] will do three times as much and even more. What marvels Jesus has enclosed in his Heart

Marvels of love, grace and vocations. The Lord wants to give us things that I don’t think you can yet experience, since even Jesus told the Apostles that he had things that he was keeping to himself until the coming of the Holy Spirit, be-cause “non potestis portare modo.” And you will not be able to bear it because all of us are still quite far from the humility, self-denial, charity, poverty and faith that the Lord wants.

Have we a tiny bit of all this?
Dear friends, read this letter during the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament: let us reflect that the graces are there, [and that] judgment awaits us; whether we like it or not the world is ours: woe if we don’t embrace it. I am almost struck with terror and I must cling with both arms to Jesus who says to me: “Ego sum, nolite timere, omnia possum.”

Written at Susa on 22 August 1924.


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