Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catholic New Media Celebration Day

Greetings from the Pastoral Life Center in Boston where the CNMC is being hosted. We have had a full day of blog and podcast insights. Lino from Catholic Radio Sirius gave a rousing presentation that reminded me of Blessed Alberione's reminder: use the language of the medium. The medium is the message in this case so professional use of the media is imperative. Enter the media culture, as Paul entered the Areopagus in Athens by looking around in the city, acknowledging the good in the culture and pointing out the questions. While Paul was walking around the city he saw a statue to an unknown god. As communicators we also look for the unknown gods in our culture - those longings that remain unfulfilled because it is God we are really longing for. Paul said: let me tell you about this "god" and brought the message of Jesus risen from the dead.

Fr. Roderick is here from Holland. He is the founder of for Catholic new media. He likened entering the media sphere with the story of the three magi who followed a star - a new star led them on a journey of promise. They didn't know they were seeking Jesus. They had no idea that they would be led to the manger. When they did arrive they realized that it wasn't the star that would fulfill their longing - it was Jesus. They laid their gifts at the feet of the child who was giving them the greatest gift. People today also follow various stars. Catholic new media may shine a start that leads to Jesus. Father has shows on losing weight for example and eventually people get to know their real longing and where the answer to fullness is found.

New videos from this program will be up soon. The Cardinal is speaking now.
Sr Margaret