Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fruit of Pauline Summer Retreats

Summer Retreat Program 2009

Summer Retreat Program 2010

My daughters, Cyrene and Ashley, have had the occasion of attending the summer retreat program in Boston; twice, in fact: last year and this year.

Looking back, I have seen the hand of God at work in this part of their journey: My husband got a part-time job and my book is selling well. Those are the two important gifts God had placed in our family that made travelling of my daughters from Hawaii to Boston and back feasible. God is faithful, indeed, and knows what to give my daughters to accomplish his plans for them.

Today, I read more about Mary Anne Marks, a 2010 Harvard graduate with an undergraduate degree in classics and English. She wants to become a Dominican nun! Yesterday, I got excited about this person and the turn of events in her life that I made a quick post about her on my blog Mostly Prayers.

Delving into more pages found at National Review Online today brought me to an even more amazing truth. Below is the wonderful discovery that allowed me to see more vividly and appreciate more profoundly the graces poured out upon my daughters, Cyrene and Ashley: when God made it possible for them to go to Boston for those wonderful, wonderful retreats!

Here is that precious gem:

LOPEZ: Have you known religious sisters in your life?

MARKS: Yes. When I was young, my family often visited the Daughters of St. Paul bookstore in Manhattan, and I attended a retreat at their convent in Boston after freshman year of high school. Around 2000, I encountered my own, then very young, Dominican community and got to know the vocations director...


Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Thanks, Easter. Amazing how God serenly and sweetly, as Alberione once wrote, works in our lives.

Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...
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