Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Angela Santana

After the Catholic New Media Celebration, Angela and I spent some time exploring Boston (and the Pauline Cooperators) - Well we actually explored Billerica (St Thecla's Retreat House) becasue I volunteered for airport runs for retreat directors. From there we did a quick drive by Concord (the Old Manse, the Alcott house, Emerson's digs, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the bridge where sounded "the shot heard round the world.") and then back to the airport. Angela spent time touring the Pauline sister's publishing house. There we found Sr Bridget setting up the recording studio for a new recording and Sr Ruth in her radio studio. We walked to graphics where Sr Linda and Rosanna were working on e-books and in print design. We stopped by marketing, the web store, and the publisher's office. We even walked around the house to get a lay of the land.

Welcome Angela to the Pauline Lay Association formation program! Here is her blog: and you will find her on Facebook. Before I met Angela she knew us forrm our San Antonio center and recently joined Sr Rose Pacatte and Sr Margaret Obrovac for a Social Media Workship in San Antiono.

Sr Margaret

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