Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apostle: Promotor of the Gospel

Here are more thoughts from "The Publishing House" by Blessed Alberione. As I work on gleaning text for the new book coming out in  2011 I rejoice in the gift of the Pauline spirituality that is entrusted to us. The painting on this post is St. Tarcisius, martyr of the Eucharist. Alberione offers this saint as a model and protector of the media apostle who brings the gospel to everyone. Sr Margaret

"For the apostle the principal methods of promotion are the ones taught by Jesus Christ and the Church, as well as those required by necessity.

"Jesus Christ taught us not to wait for people, but to seek them out. Like the Teacher, the apostle must promote God’s word in the cities, in the towns, and even in the most remote homes. He must cross mountains, sail the oceans, seek out everyone because all are called to know the way of salvation. His concern must be the individual person, the individual family, and the individual parish. He must establish book centers, train zeal¬ous people, frequent all the associations, convince the foreman, the head teacher, people in authority...

Naturally, all this involves difficulties, sacrifices and dangers, which require, over and beyond the spirit of the apostolate, the prudence of the serpent, the simplicity of the dove, and the fidelity of the martyr.

But the apostle must learn to forget himself in order to give himself to people and to God.

Saint Tarcisius the martyr can be held up as a model and protector. "

--Chapter XXX; The Publishing Apostolate, Blessed James Alberione

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