Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Following Christ in a Media World

“The Daughters of St. Paul and the whole Pauline family are founded in particular around media and using media to spread the Word of God,” Sister Helena told the Exponent during a break in filming. “Our calling is to reflect on our everyday media experiences, which are becoming more and more a part of our life.” Americans spend up to seven hours a day with screens, she noted, sometimes on more than one device at a time. “So what do we do with that?” she asked. “How do we put our media lives together with our faith lives? Who’s going to lead us and show us the way? Are there any saints out there who have already done this? Well yes, as a matter of fact — Blessed James Alberione. God really gave him a vision that media was going to explode in the 20th century. He can show us how to follow Christ in a media world.”

Full Article: Pauline Nun Creating Documentary on Blessed Alberione

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