Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Monday -- let's make a Visit!

Dear Fellow Cooperators,

It is Monday, the day of Saint Paul. Let's all hie ourselves to the church or chapel and make a Visit to Our Lord, specifically for the intentions of the Pauline Cooperators!

Cooperators and their friends from around the world have begun to participate in this weekly virtually communal and union with Our Lord, Jesus Master. Just as Christ is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament in all the tabernacles of the world, so are we truly present to one another when we unite in prayer, wherever we are, at whatever time we choose, each Monday to beg the Lord to manifest His will for the Pauline Cooperators.

Help us, Blessed Alberione, Venerable Mother Thecla, Blessed Timothy, Sister Mary Scholastica and the rest who have gone before us. Beg the Lord to enlighten us, to show us how to grow into the vision of Blessed Alberione and be Cooperators for the 21st century. Guide us, make us faithful, give us patience and love to use the new means of social communication to bring Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life to the world!


Rae said...

And just so other people don't start losing heart if they experience "technical difficulties" (whatever they may be!) in doing this -- I hereby confess that I am probably going to make this week's Monday Visit on Tuesday! I am tired, it's late in the day, I know I'll fall asleep if I go now, I'm going to lay down instead and nap.... if I wake up and it's still Monday, I'll head out to a chapel in Wilmington. If I don't wake up until Tuesday, so be it. I will still pray for the Cooperators, for our intentions, and uniting with my fellows.

Sometimes, that's the way we roll. Imperfect beings, in an imperfect world. Blessed Alberione, pray for us!

Margie said...

Hello Rae -

Joining you in prayer from New York City...

May God send us the Holy Spirit to guide us in our future work as Pauline Cooperators, through Our Divine Master Jesus Christ, through Mary Queen of the Apostles, St. Paul the Apostle, Blessed James Alberione, Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo. Blessed Timothy Giaccardo, Sr. Mary Scholastica Rivata, Servant of God. Amen.

As Cooperators of Christ in the footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle, may Christ the King reveal His Kingdom more and more to us Christians, may we love Him more and more, and may we serve Him more and more as we love God, our families and our neighbors. Amen.

May His Kingdom be revealed to all those who seek Him and to all of humanity for whom He shed His blood on the cross. May God be glorified and may peace reign in the hearts of His people. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving. Regards to you, your loved ones and Marguerite!

Pauline Cooperator

Rae said...

Smiling here, Margie. I love being a Pauline Cooperator, the company I keep is so full of faith and love!