Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie in the making while treading in the footsteps of Blessed James Alberione

Dear Pauline Family Members & Friends,

Many thanks to Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry, FSP, Director of Association of Pauline Cooperators (USA) & Pilgrimage Director; Sr. Margaret Joseph, and all the Daughters of St. Paul in USA and in Italy, as well as the Society of St. Paul and Pauline Cooperators Office in Italy who helped us in treading the footsteps of Blessed James Alberione. It was quite a thrill to be with fellow Pauline Cooperators--Rae and Maryann--along with fellow pilgrims Angela, Carol, Phivan, and film crew: Sr. Ann (historian, translator), Sr. Helena (script writer), Rob & Dan (filmographers).

The pilgrimage fast-forwarded my knowledge and understanding of the origins of the Pauline Family with the 10 branches, which were founded by Blessed (Giacomo) James Alberione.

Blessed Alberione was born on 4 April 1884, in one room that was habitable and was next to a stable, in San Lorenzo, Fossano. Today this house stands proud as shown in the photo above. It is an important reminder of the point of departure for the mission, that is Bethlehem where our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Blessed Alberione told his religious sons and daughters to establish new houses in distant lands and follow the great commission set by the Jesus Christ, Our Lord, the Divine Master.

Pope Paul VI appreciated and encouraged the work of Blessed Alberione, and Pope Paul VI visited Blessed James Alberione before the latter died on 26 November 1971.

The pilgrimage revealed many aspects of the beginnings of the Pauline Family tree and how much its roots are grounded and, equally so, how much it has grown broadly and strongly since then until the present time. Blessed James Alberione continues to provide so much inspiration in the work of salvation which flows from the Blessed Sacrament.

Some of the many fruits of his labor and inspiration include the institutes, churches/temple/basilica, houses, convents, publishing houses, buildings, foundry, Bibles, prayers, songs, meditations/reflections, books, books and media centers, magazines, DVDs, CDs, movies, art works, documents, accounts, priests, sisters, lay cooperators/collaborators/volunteers, and local and worldwide presence. The sheer volume & quality of the work that is carried out by the Pauline Family makes a compelling case to participate in full force in fulfilling the promise of our baptism in Christ. Let us continue to make good use of social communication to spread the good news and promote Christianity as we occupy our place in space and time.

Click the title above to see some footage of the documentary film in the making. Readers interested in supporting the movie may find more information from the Daughters of St. Paul. Sr. Helena drew us to the site: www.FatherJamesFilm.com

May God continue to pour His abundant blessings on the Pauline Family and its members (past, present and future) and may the cause of canonization of Blessed James Alberione be recognized, just as Pope John Paul II saw him through beatification. Amen.


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