Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pauline Pilgrims' visit to Chiesa Gesu Maestro, Roma

2010 Pauline Pilgrimage: On the morning of Friday, October 29th, the pilgrims paid a visit to the Church of Jesus the Divine Master, in Rome. We were greeted by the shining statue of Blessed James Alberione who seemed to bid us to enter the wonderful doors decorated with olive branches, humanity, a book engraved with "I am the Way, Truth & Life," and a satellite dish. Once inside, it was an enthralling experience. We could have stayed on our knees if we had more time. We listened to the artist's explanation of many symbols exemplified around us! I wish we could stay there for eternity in praise of the Presence of Jesus, Our Divine Master, surrounded by the beauty of the altar and the space where the Word is proclaimed. The Pious Disciples of the Divine Master are devoted to the care of the Church and are entrusted with more. Click the title to see short video.

May God bless the cause of canonization of Blessed James Alberione; and may God grant abundant graces to the Pauline Family for the success of the works entrusted to them. Amen.

Margie Skeels, Pauline Cooperator, NYC

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