Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm with Alberione, and so is my Kindle!

Sr. Wendy Beckett in front of portrait of Bl. Alberione

I heard that some of the Italian sisters were working on a digital database of Father Alberione's writings. So I went hunting today and found a treasure!

Check out . It will blow your mind!! Alberione texts in Italian, Spanish, Brasilian and English!

Most of the texts put online so far are in Italian. It is clear by the unlinked listings that this is an ongoing work that will see more and more of the Founder's writings available to one and all.

Here is what's up now in English:

ABUNDANTES DIVITIAE GRATIAE SUAE, 1953 (Charismatic history of the Pauline Family)

DONEC FORMETUR CHRISTUS IN VOBIS, 1932 (Until Christ Be Formed in You)

UT PERFECTUS SIT HOMO DEI (Instructions from a month-long retreat given by Blessed Alberione to senior SSP members in Ariccia, Rome in 1960)

The whole site, is a wonderful resource. Most of it is in Italian, but you can throw text into an Italian to English translator like the one at to see approximate translations of things like the FAQ.

The text files are offered in PDF and Word format. PDF can be downloaded and read on a Kindle, according to the Kindle manual, although I've not tried that yet.

At any rate, I say: Go, Go, Alberione! I love the Founder's writings and am elated to have discovered this.

(Now, it could very well be that this is old news for everybody, and that Sister Margaret or one of the other sisters sent word out about this project long ago. If so, please just indulge or excuse my enthusiasm, as I plead information overload.)

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Sheila Applegate said...

I love what the sisters are doing here with the writings of Alberione. Nice work!

Just a note for Kindle users. PDF files can be read on the new Kindle 3 but it can be frustrating for those who don't like to zoom in and zoom out constantly. I have had success with the Open-Source program Calibre ( to convert PDF files to .mobi for a more user friendly experience on Kindle.

Hope this is helpful for readers. Take care.