Monday, May 31, 2010

NEW Rosary App: Visitation Day Gift!

New Rosary App by the Daughters of St Paul

You can check out what the app is like at this link:
New Catholic App in iTunes: Rosary Miracle Prayer. 100 images, audio of the Daughters of St. Paul praying the rosary, music from their internationally acclaimed choir, scripture readings and contemplative reflections…. The most comprehensive app for praying the rosary available. (Android available soon.)

Extra: Short Rosary Meditations Blessed Alberione

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago Memorial Day

Greetings from our Chicago Pauline center. There are so many memories here:

Setting up after school programs/reading rooms with Boys & Girls Club and with the Pilsen Neighborhood Parishes (near the first Jesuit Christo Rey School). There were five reading rooms set up through the generosity of so many people. The children were these amazing boys and girls growing up in challenging circumstances. I think of them often. I hope to locate the new media needs of inner-city kids today.

Then there was the time a fire truck "pulled" our bookmobile over.  The fire chief stopped us to get some Catholic books. He had just returned to Church. The next day he and his men perished in a fire when a roof collapsed. Turns out his wife consitently placed Catholic books around the house for him to read that our sisters brought to her beauty salon. Then the Parish Priest sent him a letter asking him to "help us as visit the homebound and those in the hospital." All these invitations did not go unheeded. Now I ask his intercession to get through purgative fires that purify and preserve us.

I remember when this same bookmobile broke down in Wisconsin. There were four of us returning from an apostolic trip. We drifted into a small town. A gentleman came to assist us who had been away from church "forever." We were praying to our deceased to help us get the van fixed so we could be on our way before dark. After this gentleman assisted us he recieved a phone call that his brother had died just that morning - a brother who always invited him back to the faith. Guess who drifted into his life with a van full of praying Religious sisters and books. 

Why do I remember each of these stories above all wonderful memories (and I really can't compare them to when I ate soup and broke bread with Msgr. Egan or Cardinal Bernadine's holy presence through his visicitudes). Because they are "super" natural. They were not of our doing. We let go (without a choice) and let God. These are signs that break into our lives. Then I look for them in the everyday - the friendships - the "going through" moments that lead us toward transformation.

Have a "sign filled" memorial day.
Sr Margaret

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facebook for APC Community

Facebook won the poll for the Association of Pauline Cooperator community online. To visit go to - go to Association of Pauline Cooperators. Facebook is taking more precautions for privacy. You choose your own settings for your "wall."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Networks for Association

Ning is going to charge so the Ning community is migrating. I received a lot of feedback re the Spruz, three members joined to check it out. True is doesn't seem as friendly to me. Most of the feedback is that we move to Facebook and start our discussions and photo sharing there. However how do you share photos on Facebook's "fan" pages?

I have a spot on - PaulineLaity Only this is really a blog like the one you are on now. I add to it periodically but encourage everyone to visit here. This blog functions as a portal to other Pauline sites. I will just stay on Facebook (as Association of Pauline Cooperators) and explore the possibilities there. Eventually I will be creating a page at ( for the cooperators. At present you can read the Pauline Cooperator magazine online at this address. The formation program online will have to link to all of these for those who want access to information, formation, sharing, video, etc.

Thanks for input or just visiting to keep in touch!
Sr Margaret

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Witness to Christ in the Political Community

Witnesses to Christ in the Political Community

VATICAN CITY, 18 MAY 2010 (VIS) - The twenty-fourth plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity will take place in Rome from 20 to 22 May on the theme: "Witnesses to Christ in the political community".

A communique on the event explains how "Benedict XVI has, on various occasions, highlighted the pressing need for a renewed commitment of Catholics in political life".

The Pontifical Council will address the theme over the course of the three-day congress with a schedule of events that includes round table discussions and debates.
Among the major addresses during the meetings, Cardinal Camillo Ruini is scheduled to speak on the “Church and political community,” while Archbishop Rino Fisichella will cover “The responsibility of the lay faithful in politics.” Other talks will examine guidelines for formation of the lay faithful in politics and the role of politics in history and democracy.
The “fundamental and greatly anticipated moment” of the conference, according to the meeting's organizers, is the audience between participants and the Pope at noon on May 21.
The final day of the conference will see the dicastery’s secretary, Bishop Josef Clemens will speak about the past programs of the council and what its future plans are

Last year Pope Benedict said:
"In a special way, I reaffirm the necessity and urgency of the evangelical formation and pastoral accompaniment of a new generation of Catholics involved in politics, that they would be coherent with their professed faith," morally upright, professional and passionate about serving the common good."

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Association of Pauline Cooperators Conference
Cape May Point, New Jersey. April 16-18, 2010

By Sr Margaret Kerry, fsp

Photo: Blessed James Alberione
The Association of Pauline Cooperators is a branch of the Pauline Family founded by Blessed James Alberione (1884-1971). Originally founded (1917) for laity, priests and religious to live the Pauline mission and spirituality with us. Today there are mostly lay members. Other branches of the family include: Society of St Paul, Daughters of St Paul, Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, Holy Family Institute, and four other Institutes. Coordination of the Association in North America is carried out by the Daughters of St Paul.

Over twenty years ago the Association was revived in the United States. National Conventions grew to include Canada. A formation program was written and in 2000 the Pauline Cooperator bi-annual magazine was launched. This year the Association held their 20th convention. The goal of this event was “Equipping the Saints.” Strategic steps were taken to organize the Association according their Statutes. Twenty-three people attended the event and mini-conferences are being held for those unable to attend. The results of the larger gathering and the smaller gatherings will be implemented through a strategic plan.

Day 1 FRIDAY – welcoming

I drove down to Cape May Point from Boston the day before the event. Sr. Karen came with me. We picked up Sr. Thecla from Staten Island, New York. At 5 PM that evening we began to welcome cooperators arriving from New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Delaware. Sr Margaret Joseph drove the crew from Boston down on Friday. Registration continued until about 6:30 PM.

We officially began the Conference with the icebreaker “Autograph Bingo.” Everyone is invited to get the spaces on their bingo cards filled with individual signatures. Later in the evening we called out names of those attending the conference. There were two winners.

After supper we viewed the movie “End of the Spear” using a lectio divina format from the Movie Lectionary by Sr Rose Pacatte. The readings for Sunday were proclaimed. A candle was lit and a Bible enthroned to create a prayerful atmosphere. After the movie we moved into the living room were wine, cheese, and crackers were served. Insights from the movie were correlated to Sunday’s readings. The sharing was very rich and challenging. Topics ranged from the environment, indigenous peoples, the Amazon rain forest, what sharing the gospel means today, etc. Two members of the group grew up in cities similar to where the story took place. Their contribution reminded us of the need to constantly deepen and broaden our awareness and appreciation diversity.

Day 2 SATURDAY - small group dynamics

Saturday began with Morning Prayer. After breakfast Sr Margaret Joseph gave a presentation entitled, “Alberione and the Cinema.” She explained that Alberione’s thought developed over time before his charismatic expression of film took root. We then viewed the trailer for a new documentary on Blessed James Alberione.

After this I presented a PowerPoint on the Charism of Communication and introduced the group work. Everyone was invited to choose either a green, orange, pink or purple slip of paper to designate their sharing group. Scribe, timekeeper, coach and cheerleader were written on some of the slips to facilitate. The goal of the group work was to answer three questions leading to organization of the Association in the United States and English Speaking Canada. After this introduction we celebrated Liturgy together.

Following a lunch with lively conversation many cooperators went to the beach for a walk or to reflect in preparation for group work. We gathered in groups at 2:30 P.M.

By 3:30 P.M. we conclude group work and enjoyed a coffee break. An Hour of Adoration is another central prayer event in our Pauline spirituality. We gathered around the altar to pray, sing and contemplate, giving thanks and sharing our petitions. Later that evening, after supper, Christin provided entertainment and insight with her play the Person2Person Project.

Day 3 SUNDAY - rejoicing in the Lord

On Sunday we began the day with solemn Morning Prayer. After breakfast each group’s chosen representative presented group insights. It was very encouraging to witness the convergence of thought and ideas. Before lunch we gathered in a semi-circle around the altar to for Sunday Liturgy. After the homily those Cooperators who had completed the initial formation program, renewed the “Promise of the Pauline Cooperator.”
Ideas are already taking shape from this Conference. One Cooperator is opening a True Life Choices community center in Wilmington, Delaware. True Life Choices will house a media studio for local schools, a book and media library, space for non-denomination worship, and “life choice” educational opportunities. Another Cooperator has contacted local Universities in her area offering to lead movie nights-Cinema Divina style. Laura from Philadelphia is coming to Boston to work toward her Master’s in Hispanic Ministry and has already started to teach media literacy in grades 7 and 8 in a Philadelphia parish school. Two regions seem promising: New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia/Delaware. Plans are developing for ongoing formation gatherings once a month.
Lay Paulines are looking forward to the day when we have an organization that will support outreach initiatives that are gospel oriented, monthly gatherings, regional retreats and training opportunities. So am I!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marian Prayers

Marian Prayers from the Marists
My good online friend, Brother John Samaha, sent me a pdf booklet of prayers to Mary that explore the way Mary is model of grace, hope and intercession: Prayer to our Lady of the Waters of Creation, Prayer to Mary for the Common Good, Prayer to Mary on Respect for All Life, etc. The booklet is entitled Prayers to mary, Mother of Justice.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Re-elected Superior General Society of St Paul, Fr. Silvio Sassi, SSP

Fr. Silvio Sassi accepts re-election as Superior General with faith in the grace of God. He makes his own the desire of Blessed Alberione "to do something for the people of  today." He has great confidence in the collaboration of the Priests and Brothers (Disciples) of the Society of St Paul, and sees in this spirit a great future for the whole congregation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Marian Spirituality of Blessed Alberione

This is a wonderul reflection for the month of May.
The Marian Spirituality of Blessed James Alberione by Sr Lorraine Trouve, fsp

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pilgrimage to Birthplace of the Pauline Family

I set up the "changing blog" to promote the Pauline Pilgrimage to Rome this October. Visit and click on the "I am going" button the right if you are planning to join the Pilgrims. (Special apc stands for Association of Pauline Cooperators.)  I have been recalling all of the wonderful places that I visited during our 2003 Pilgrimage: The Cathedral where Blessed Alberione prayed during the night between the centuries, St Paul's in Alba (see photo inset) - the bricks of this basilica were made by the first Paulines! The printing presses of the Society of St Paul, the halls where Alberione, Giaccardo, Thecla, Scholastica, and our first Paulines walked, worked - and the church they prayed in. The first images of the Queen of Apostles in the Church of the Divine Master. The stories about building this church. The sisters of the "first hour" who are in the community of Alba. Mother Thecla's house,  Blessed Alberione's house - both maintained for visits and prayer. Blessed Giaccardo's parish church. The Marian Shrines frequented by Alberione. The streets of nearby Turin where Alberione found inspiration from Don Bosco, Joseph Catalango and others. The Cathedral of Milan! The quiet pathways of Assisi, San Damiano, St Clare. The journey to Rome. The grandour of Rome! The Basilicas: St Peter's, St Paul's, St Mary Major, the Lateran. The prison where Peter and Paul prayed before their martyrdom. The house where Paul preached. The actual cobblestones their feet touched. The sights and sounds of more than 2,000 years of saints. Hope you can join me this year!
Sr Margaret

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sr. Laura Brown, fsp, celebrates her Jubilee in Hawai'i

At the Pauline Books and Media Center on April 22, with Pauline friends.

This cake was baked by my daughters, Cy and Charity Therese

Sr. Laura with Esper, a volunteer at the bookstore

Today's diocesan celebration with other nuns, sisters, brothers, and clergy

Sr. Laura, with Jerry, his wife Faith, and their son