Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oops! And Not oops! And something from Blessed Alberione!

My fellow Cooperators and Pauline sisters,

I goofed and put up pix of my two new grandbabies here instead of on my own blog. When I realized what I had done, I was going to delete the posting here, but you know what? I'm going to leave it here because you are my brothers and sisters in the Pauline family, and one shares good news with family. And new life is Good News Indeed!
But I had intended to post something in this APC blog. It is this. I have been making the Hour of Adoration as often as I can lately, and I recommend it HIGHLY to any of you who is not currently doing it. I am AMAZED at how it keeps me mindful of the Lord. Often, I do not feel like going at all, so the first thing I do when I get there is say to Jesus Master, "Okay, Lord, I'm here, but I don't wanna be. I'm reluctant to do this, I just want to let you know this from the get go. I've got tons of stuff on my To Do list, and it feels like every one of them is more pressing than stopping by to spend time with you. Because, Y'know, You'll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next. And I REALLY have to get that book review written and that proposal edited and my house is a mess. "
But once I confess how reluctant I am to be there, and acknowledge that all my excuses are lame and in reality it's just because I'm used to being lazy, I tell Jesus that I really do love Him and I really do want to be with Him. And I get down to it.

So... I HOPE I am preaching to the choir. I hope that ALL OF YOU make a Visit once a day. I had to ask Sr. Maria Kim if the sisters count daily Mass as part of the Visit, and discovered (as I suspected) that nope, it's an Hour with Jesus in addition to daily Mass. Seems like my life is too busy. And yours, if you are not retired like I am, is even busier.

But, I tell you truly -- go to the Lord, sit with the Lord, pray with Fr. Alberione, Mother Thecla, Brother Timothy and the other Paulines in heaven. You will soon grow to love and need this time set apart! It's like Paradise on earth. And from the Eucharist, Jesus Master DOES enlighten. And there IS NO NEED to be afraid. And if you are as lazy as I am, you will be very thankful that you can HOLD TO A PENITENT HEART.
I am reading Abundantes Divitiae Gratiae Suae during my Hour. Here's something that made me feel a direct connection to the Founder, and to realize that his mental projections into the future were not only accurate, but that he intuited you, and me, and the rest of us who are following him in this 21st century:

He had a clear grasp of his own nothingness, while concurrently he experienced in the Eucharist "vobiscum sum usque ad consummationen saeculi" ("I am with you always", Mt 28:20), and that he could count on the Host, on Jesus, for light, nourishment, consolation and victory over evil.

Projecting himself mentally into the future he felt that in the new century generous people would experience what he was feeling; and that teamed up into an organization they could bring about what Toniolo kept on repeating: "Unite; if
the enemy finds us alone he will defeat us one by one." -- Abundantes Divitiae Gratiae Suae, p. 39: 16-17.

This year's model of grandbabies!

Babies are bursting out all over!!
So far, the spring/summer of 2010 has yielded a bounty in Stabosz grandchildren!
At the top is Rosalyn Gwenhyver Gregg, born to Em and Scott a few weeks ago. (I'm a Bad, Bad grandmom. I can't locate her actual date of birth.) Her big brother Simon took to her just fine, and seems to be enjoying his sudden status as a Big Boy. He comes over to play with his cousins Owen and Wade now, and is always exciting when we tell him they'll be here.
The bottom baby is fresh out in the world, this is little Ishmael Matthew Stabosz, Jr., born yesterday at 4:37 am to Ish and Sine' .
I look at these pix and just grin from ear to ear. God is good!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Novena to St Paul

Scriptuaral Novena to St Paul

Join Sr Anne Joan and Sr Julia Mary as they lead you in the novena to St Paul.

The novena begins today in preparation for the Feast of St Paul on June 30th.

If you have the larger Pauline prayer book the novena is found there.

If you have the Pauline Cooperator Companion you can use the prayer to St Paul and choose a Pauline reading for each day. Visit for a reflection on Paul's letter for the month of June.

Novena intention: Your intentions and the intention for the Mission Team and Pauline Evangelization today.

Sr Margaret Kerry, fsp

Association of Pauline Cooperators

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Washington State Visit and Oil on Florida Beaches

The art work is provided by my niece Renee (computer graphics).
 I am back in the South until the Feast of St Paul (June 30th). After a trip to Washington (Seattle area) to visit my sister and her family, my mom and I are spending the rest of vacation in Gulf Breeze, Florida at her home and with my other brothers, sisters and their families. We went out to check the beach this morning. The water was clear.  BP employed oil-pod searchers walked with bright orange colors searching the sand for signs of tar deposits (after effect of the oil leak). The media has anticipated the worst - but it isn't on the beaches yet and the water is clear for miles out. Latest reports are that the marine animals and fish are swimming futher away and may find crowded conditions for living. I wonder how that looks in the deep? Mom reminded me that about 20 years ago the same event happened in the Mexican waters of the Gulf. She said tar ended up on Pensacola Beach daily. People swam around the deposits not knowing it was from an oil leak until months later. Over time it did clear up. There is discussion about setting off fireworks because the oil might ignite. Since it is being burned off anyway wouldn't that be OK? What about lightening storms? I am praying that there are no hurricanes that will stir it all together and bring oil down on the mainland. I am also praying that all the pledged money from BP will really go to asssit those who need the assistance - and not just end up being used to look like someone is doing something. Do you really need a crew of people scouring the beaches for possible tar balls? Let beach goers volunteer to report any they find. There is more of a chance that someone enjoying the sand and water will report an oddity than creating jobs for it at this point in time. At present I advise vacation goers to come on down to Pensacola and enjoy the beautiful white sand and pristine waters. This is the best way to help the people on the Gulf.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mid West Cooperators

Meeting Cooperators in the Mid-West - Since May 26th I have had the opportunity to visit Pauline Cooperators in Chicago and St Louis. In Chicago I met Brent for the first time (and we are now friends on Facebook of course). At Ascension Church Sr Margaret Joseph and I joined Bernie and Jeananne for morning Liturgy followed by lunch. There is a recording of Bernie at the for internal cooperator sharing. Getting back together with the Johnsons on Saturday was terrific. Loretta is interested in beginning JClub bookfairs in north Illinois. Daniel is talented on many areas: journalism, radio/audio voice, teaching. Their children are amazing. Then Vijay joined us for the Memorial Day picnic, taking a train up from the Naperville, IL area.

Now I am in St Louis, MO. Here I have relatives who are Cooparators: John, who serves on our board is being ordained a Deacon this Saturday. His son Paul worked for us in Boston and lives there now with his family. George is also on our board and works as director in the Office for Lay Ministry for the Archdiocese. Jan supports the Cooperator Office with a monthly offering. I hope to meet Dr Jeffrey while I am here - and so many other friends, Cooperators, relatives who are great supporters and prayers for evangelization in today's church.

This weeked I attend NACAR (North American Conference for Associates and Religious). More on that later!

Sr Margaret

PS Jeffrey Mathews joined us for a celebratory dinner last evening here with the St Louis community: Sr Assumpta, Sr Rebecca, Sr Noel, and Sr Emi. The postulants and Sr Mary Joan just left for vacation. Sr Karen Marie arrived from Boston. Mom and my Aunt Carol also joined us. We just fit around the table! Jeffrey brought wine that Blessed Alberione would have had while in the seminary in Alba. He will share the story some day!