Friday, March 18, 2011

Post-cards from the abortion frontlines - Cooperators pray for God's grace for this young woman!

A spiritual battle whose outcome is still in the air.

At Planned Parenthood this morning (Friday, March 18) there was a real struggle between good and evil -- life and death. A 24-year-old young woman was there with her mother. The mother did NOT want the daughter to have an abortion, but the daughter felt she had to. The mother would come out and talk to some of those vigiling, who gave her support and information for the daughter. The workers from PP tried to block the view we had of the daughter inside the facility. Vigilers were on their knees praying while the mother and daughter went back and forth with their decision. Both mother and daughter were in tears.

After quite some time the mother came out and said the daughter would be coming back another day, but was not having the abortion today. The daughter felt the mother was not supporting her in the decision to have the abortion and wanted someone else to come back with her. Whatever it took, the young woman walked out of PP.

Her name is Danielle and she is 6 weeks pregnant. She has another youngster who is about 7. The father of both children just deserted her, and she and her child are back home with her mother.

Please pray that she has the time to think and to check out the resources given to her. Also pray for the young woman's mother who was struggling to get her daughter out of PP. We may never see these folks again and I may not be able to give you an update, but the blessing was seeing the mother and daughter walk away from PP. Feel free to pass this prayer request along to anyone you think can join in the prayers.

God bless you for your prayers!

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