Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aloha to Fr. Khanh Hoang

With Margaret and Carl Berger

With Deacons Modesto and Fred

With Mela and Eric Kim

diaconate formation group

The news that a good priest leaves a diocese or a parish brings many of us an unpleasant feeling. On the other hand, though it is not exactly a time of rejoicing over God's unfolding of mysteries, we can put our trust in him knowing that he has the best of plans, and even the best of interests.

Fr. Khanh Hoang has been with our diocese for many years now, I would say about ten. He served at St. Jude's Church and had been our Vicar for Clergy after that. He leaves the Diocese of Honolulu this Thursday, May 26. He flies to California and embarks on a cross country trip from there to Florida, where his new parish awaits him.

Our aloha, mahalo, and prayers are with you, Fr. Khanh! May your vacation be as rejuvenating as God meant it to be!


Margie said...

Thanks for sharing, Easter. It's sometimes heartbreaking when good people in our Parish community circle move on. In our Parish, Fr. Julito Cabatuan, a Filipino priest, has completed his assignment and will return to the Philippines next Sunday. Let us treasure our good memories and celebrate the times we have been blessed by walking the Way, Truth & Light with them in the Breaking of the Bread. Changes are bittersweet, but it's good to know that God's gifts are so abundant that there are many more who could share & benefit from the talents and gifts of God's people.

May God bless Fr. Khan, Fr. Cabatuan, and all priests who are in transition.

Best wishes,

Rae said...

We are losing our beloved Fr. Joe Wisniewski in a couple of weeks, also. Although Fr. Joe has only been with us for four years, we got him fresh from the seminary, although not a young man, and we experienced all of the joy of his "honeymoon period" as a priest. What a blessing! I will join with you all to pray for Fr. Joe, Fr. Khan, Fr. Cabatuan, and all priests in transition.