Monday, June 20, 2011

Remembering the Beginnings of the Church

This week, we celebrate the nativity of St. John the Baptist, who was born six months before the Lord's birth. In their adulthood, St. John prepared the way for the Lord's arrival by bringing the people to conversion through the Divine Word he shared. Along with the Mary the Queen of Apostles, John the Beloved Disciple and the Apostles themselves, St. John the Baptist is one of the saintly icons symbolizing the beginnings of the Lord's great Mission of Salvation. As we return to Ordinary Time on the church calendar, we use the cycle of the year to follow the life of our Lord and of his Church, to celebrate the great events of our faith! Just as we completed the Easter Season, the "new life" of Resurrection and Ascension in our liturgical calendar, we now move from spring to summer in our secular calendar. I am forever awed by the great wisdom in the traditions of our Church, which provide such rich catechesis in the form of liturgical feasts and seasons. As Paulines, our call to study the faith is so richly supported by our liturgical lives!

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dj said...

Wouldn't it have been amazing to be there at the beginning?