Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jesus said "Do not be afraid."

Dear Pauline Family & Friends,

On 7 Aug. 2011, we will recognize the words of Our Divine Master Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew 14:22-33 (from the Sacred Bible). In particular, Matthew 14:27 encourages us to be faithful, to recognize Our Lord, and be not afraid.

{14:22} And Jesus promptly compelled his disciples to climb into the boat, and to precede him in crossing the sea, while he dismissed the crowds.
{14:23} And having dismissed the multitude, he ascended alone onto a mountain to pray. And when evening arrived, he was alone there.
{14:24} But in the midst of the sea, the boat was being tossed about by the waves. For the wind was against them.
{14:25} Then, in the fourth watch of the night, he came to them, walking upon the sea.
{14:26} And seeing him walking upon the sea, they were disturbed, saying: “It must be an apparition.” And they cried out, because of fear.
{14:27} And immediately, Jesus spoke to them, saying: “Have faith. It is I. Do not be afraid.”
{14:28} Then Peter responded by saying, “Lord, if it is you, order me come to you over the waters.”
{14:29} And he said, “Come.” And Peter, descending from the boat, walked over the water, so as to go to Jesus.
{14:30} Yet truly, seeing that the wind was strong, he was afraid. And as he began to sink, he cried out, saying: “Lord, save me.”
{14:31} And immediately Jesus extended his hand and took hold of him. And he said to him, “O little in faith, why did you doubt?”
{14:32} And when they had ascended into the boat, the wind ceased.
{14:33} Then those who were in the boat drew near and adored him, saying: “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

So, let us be reassured of Our Divine Master's presence with faith and without fear, as we move forward with poverty in spirit in our prayer life, in our studies and our apostolate.

Thanks to Blessed James Alberione, Founder of the Pauline Family, for his leadership, guidance and legacy in leading us to Jesus Christ Our Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life. St. Paul the Apostle, pray for us.

May God bestow His blessings on the cause of canonization of Blessed James Alberione, through Our Divine Master Jesus Christ, and through Mother Mary, Queen of Apostles. Amen.

Margie Skeels

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