Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Blessed James Alberione Feast Day - 26 Nov. 2011

Dear Pauline Friends and Family,

May God grant you all abundant blessings on the occasion of Feast Day of Blessed James Alberione.  Amen.

Primo Maestro taught us that our Pauline Family was born from the Blessed Sacrament.  This refers to the grace-filled evening of 31 December 1900 & morning of 1 January 1901 when for 4 hours Blessed James Alberione worshiped the Blessed Sacrament in the Cathedral of Alba, in obedience to Pope Leo XIII who requested prayers for the new century.  Blessed Alberione was enlightened with a mission that led to the establishment of the Pauline Family.  

Indeed, we continue to draw graces from the Blessed Sacrament or Holy Eucharist.  When we completed the celebration of Mass on Sunday, 6 Nov. 2011 at St. Thecla's Retreat House in Boston, the tabernacle was left empty after the Daughters of St. Paul and the Pauline Cooperators received Holy Communion from Father Riley.

We had opportunity to worship the Blessed Sacrament.  We were treated to wonderful conferences prepared by Sr. Anne Flanagan on how to live with a penitent heart and learn about the historical background of and upcoming beautiful changes embodied in the New Roman Missal.  We had a rewarding time singing a hymn to St. Paul.  Next step:  We move forward incorporated into the Body of Jesus Christ Our Lord to humbly attempt to accomplish in our small ways the apostolate handed down by Blessed Alberione to place the media of social communication at the service of the Gospel and of human progress.

Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life, have mercy on us.

Blessed James Alberione gave to the Church of today his life and the many lives of Pauline Family members -- men, women, priests, brothers, sisters and laity.  Glory to God and peace to man.

Mary, Queen of Apostles, pray for us.

Margie Skeels
Pauline Cooperator

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