Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Special for Pauline Family & Friends

Dear Pauline Friends & Family,

A million thanks to God for the gift of your special collaboration in prayer, apostolate, studies and support in lifting up our spirits from poverty towards HOPE in the salvation won by JESUS CHRIST, Our Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life.

New Year's Eve is special to us all because of the birth of the concept of Pauline Family during the grace-filled New Year's Eve of December 31, 1899 until the wee hours of January 1, 1900, when in obedience to Pope Leo XIII, Blessed James Alberione went to the Cathedral of Alba in Italy to pray.  He received the light which was crystallized in the founding of the Pauline Family.  This is vividly expressed in the trailer of Primo Maestro's movie.  Click here:  Blessed Alberione's film trailer

In 2012, let us strive to re-double our prayers, understanding and efforts in living the Gospel and bringing the Eternal Word of God to our hearts, to our families and to all of humankind for the glory of God and for peace to reign in all the hearts of men, women and children.  May we realize the glorious Divinity of the Holy Trinity and the splendor of the Holy Family and keep them as our model in the way St. Paul (see Col 3:12-25) and the Supreme Pontiffs have pointed out the family virtues which we could imitate in both our natural family, and in the religious and spiritual family united by grace--spiritual bond..

May God bless you and all your loved ones in the Year of Our Lord 2012.

Margie Skeels
Pauline Cooperator-NYC
(sent from Essex, England on 31 Dec. 2011)

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