Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why St. Paul Invites us "To Evangelize"

Preparing for the Year of New Evangelization  this link will take you to the Synod of Bishops concluding document on Evangelization. You may also be interested in Benedict's document on the Year of Faith found here Year of Faith. As Paulines our model for the Year of Faith and the New Evangelization is St. Paul. Paul's letters outline the way of Jesus and invite us to the way of Mary who brings us to Jesus. After Pentecost, when the fire of God's love rested on the Apostles (cf. Acts 2:3) who were gathered together in prayer "with the women and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and with his brothers" (Acts 1:14). Paul's journey is each Christian's vocation, growth in ultimate trust of God's love for us, the Good News! The word "Gospel", τò εύ αγγέλιον, was already being used in the early days of the Church, oftentimes employed by St. Paul to indicate the entire new economy of salvation (cf. 1 Thess 1:5ff; Gal 1:6-9ff).

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