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Jul. 02, 2012

Christin Jezak, 29
Actress, playwright
Getting anyone, even your professor, interested in your thesis is no small feat, but Christin Jezak didn’t even have to try: Word spread and people clamored for it.
Jezak, a cradle Catholic and an actor since her youth, created “Person-to-Person: A Mother Teresa Project” as the thesis for her master of arts in theater from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. The one-woman play is about seeing Christ in others. She’s performed the play all over the East Coast, at World Youth Day in Australia in 2007, and now that she lives in Los Angeles, she’ll perform it there. She had no idea it could gain this much popularity.
For the play, Jezak performs five different monologues from characters that are on the margins of society. She starts them out as stereotypes, then progresses to get to the heart of who they are. It’s called the “Mother Teresa Project” because the characters are meant to reflect her values and the litany of people in which she saw Christ.
Like Mother Teresa, Jezak hopes to reach out to all sorts of people with this play. She wants to make theater with Catholic themes and influences accessible to the general public. Too many times people feel turned off by Catholic or Christian plays because of the approach. She wants to bridge the gap. She landed an agent in March, which should put her closer to her goal.
She is in formation with the Pauline Cooperators, a Pauline lay association. Her outreach to teens and others around her and being a friend to all was commended by a Pauline sister.



Margie said...

Here's to wishing Christin Jezak every success as an actor and as a Pauline Cooperator. Cheers!

passionate bookworm :) said...
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passionate bookworm :) said...

I want to say its awesome that she's an actor and love to see her "debut" on her first movie or tv show. :D I would like to be a pauline cooperator.

Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

If you are interested in the Association of Pauline Cooperators send an e-mail request to Sr Margaret mkerry@paulinemedia.com with indication of your interest in the formation program. If you are near a Pauline Center you may contact that center. If not the program can be a distance program. For more info: www.pauline.org