Friday, August 3, 2012

Beginning Evangelization

I have been in New York for about two weeks now. The journey that I took here was not by roads that were smooth and complete with road signs. Still, everyone called to evangelization (that is every baptized Christian), can be assured they will follow in the way of Jesus. Jesus came to make the rough ways smooth (the prophecy of Isaiah 40:4 & Luke 3:5 ). Just what does that mean? As I begin a new journey in New York my hope lies in the fact that "smooth" in gospel language means that the road has been traveled before. There are still rough patches but I can walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Mary, Peter, Paul, and a lot of other travelers. A friend of ours just returned from the Camino de Santiago   I look forward to hearing his stories from the pilgrimage. If you have seen the film The Way you have virtually walked the pilgrimage. Each person in the film enters "the way" of the Camino de Santiago with a question that begins their quest. They don't even realize they have a question until the end of the journey, which paradoxically becomes the beginning. The small group of pilgrims who befriended each other realize they cannot conclude the pilgrimage at the Shrine of St. James. They go on further. This is what it means to be an evangelizer. We bring our questions, we walk the way and just when we hope to settle at the shrine of our encounters we know we remain pilgrims in this life. We are called to bring the gospel to life - and that means walking the way, one step in front of the other, the way of Jesus Christ. I will continue to blog about my journey as an evangelizer. I would love to hear from you as you bring about the gospel of life in your life and in the lives of those you meet each day.

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