Monday, August 13, 2012

Car Messages and other Tips for Evangelizing

Sometimes messages come when you least expect them. I could count the times that I have encountered "car gospels" while on the Staten Island roads and highways. The van in front of me (photo to the left) proclaimed "God, Family, Country." Last week a utility van parked on the side of the road proclaimed "I thank God for my work and America." Brilliant! I thought. This is what I want to remember. God is first in each of these and many signs on wheels. On the van there was also a dedication to "My Pop Jido." Ah, the communion of saints! When my sister rented a van to drive from Pensacola, Florida to Savannah, Georgia she asked my brother to make a magnet of dad. Dad's photo was on the side and back of the van, a magnetized prayer for a protected journey. As I continue driving the highways and byways of New York evangelization begins with me noticing messages already proclaiming God's love and care. St. Paul wrote about his experience when he arrived in Athens: As I was going through your city and looking closely at your devotions, I noticed an altar with this written on it: 'To an unknown god.' I'm telling you about the unknown god you worship" Acts 17:23. There is already lived faith in New York. There are people proclaiming the gospel in their everyday lives. There is a search for a deeper relationship with God Who still remains unknown to us in so many ways and is fully revealed to us in Jesus Christ. The Word became flesh so that thus we might know God's love.


Fr; Vincnet Esprit FMI said...

Your article creates an exciting perspective to the Christian life! Thanks sister Margaret. Be assured of my prayers!

Fr. Esprit FMI

Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Thank you for your encouraging message.