Thursday, August 23, 2012

Luminous Evangelization Mysteries

This week I have been praying the luminous mysteries of the rosary with texts from the Maronite Liturgy. The Catholic Church, I read in the beginning of this booklet, is made up of twenty-two Churches, all in union with the Pope and one another. The Maronite rite is one of these traditions (as is the Roman rite). Each Church has her own traditions and particular manner of celebrating the Mass and the other sacraments. John Paul II encouraged the Church to pray with both lungs, meaning the church of the West and the East. New York must have parishes from each of these twenty-two traditions. I will find out.

As I reflect on the rosary mysteries of light I find direction for evangelization.

The first mystery - The baptism of Jesus. We are all baptised into Christ. We are all called to evangelize. The second mystery - Jesus' self-manifestation at Cana. The Church distributes the wine of the Son of God for eternal life. This is news of the heavenly banquet that begins here on earth! 
The third mystery - Christ's proclaimation of the kingdom. Here we find our hope because our darkness is enlightend. Your kingdom come!
The fourth mystery - The Transfiguration of Christ. We are all called to be transformed, as Paul says, from glory to glory, until Christ lives in us.
The fifth mystery - The institution of the Eucharist, the mystery of the altar. Mystery means wonder and awe, before mystery we keep silence. Mystery is not to be solved, it is to be loved, lived from the heart. When I meditate on mystery I am a witness to the mysteries: "Be still and know that I am God" (Ps 46:10). God has entered into our lives. The rosary mysteries are our doorway to the announcement of good news.

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