Monday, September 24, 2012

Dreams of a Pauline Evangelizer

O most High, almighty, good Lord God,
To you belong praise, glory, honor, and all blessing!
This weekend I was able to ride a bike over to a  nearby park on Staten Island. After riding for a bit I sat and watched a Crane. The Crane was also sitting and watching me. Over time some turtles climbed up on rocks to sun themselves. I decided to get a photo on my cell phone. One move and the turtles all splashed back into the water. The Crane flew off to another branch and I was left with this gorgeous reflective photo. There is no proof that the Crane and the turtles were really there. What I have is evidence that I was there sitting near the water's edge in meditation. This morning I reflected on another water's edge: the community planning calendar. We are all ready to go into the deep for the Gospel. To "fish" in places that are both beautiful and challenging. To witness to God's glory shining on and in each person we meet. In our community schedule there is time for prayer and meditation. Every day we also pray an hour and a half in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. We gather for Lectio Divina together on Wednesday mornings. There are also very busy moments that consist of buses to ferries to subways and walks through the city of Manhattan to the Pauline center. We may be loading a car with books, DVDs and music another day and driving to Parishes, Religious Education conventions, or other events for a bookfair. And we dream of even more ways to reach out. To use all of the new means to preach the gospel was Blessed Alberione's dream. Our dreams for bringing the good news are there like the Crane and the turtles. We sit looking at each other. When we reach for them they seem to move away from us. Yet once the photo of our life is taken what is revealed is the presence of God shining on all of the moments given over to "the most High, good Lord God," who takes all of our dreams, actions and prayers and transforms them into beauty, truth and goodness for the world.

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