Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Live Where You Are, God Dwells There

"Go live where you are. You don't need a fashionable address. You don't need to see tourists on your block. The fact that God can dwell there is literally of infinitely greater importance than how many Zagat rated restaurants you can walk to." John Byron Kuhner, NY author.  I live in New York now. My calling is to listen to God, listen to people I meet, listen in community and then proclaim the gospel. My address isn't fashionable, especially in society - Convent. There are tourist on my block - that come into the Pauline Book & Media center. In this case tourists are more than welcome for our location (location, location, location - the marketing mantra). What really matters though, as John put it so well, is that God can dwell - and does dwell at this address - and at your address. The other morning in chapel I wrote a poem entitled "God lives in the apartment down the hall" I have thought to ring God's door bell or slip a note under God's door..... More on that later.  This past weekend I changed to a temporary address. Sr Marie Joseph and I drove out to Our Lady of Mt.Carmel Parish in Astoria, NY. Here are some photos of the journey.
Gospel Destinations New York

We held a parish book fair which included books in English and Spanish, for children and adults, DVDs, and music CDs. Next week my temporary address is in the Bronx. God dwells there too.

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