Friday, December 7, 2012

Apostolic Trip to Dallas!

Sr. Laura and Sr Jackie with a potential Pauline Cooperator
Here is a recap of a recent Apostolic Trip to Dallas, TX that we wanted to share with you:

“Sister, these books are beautiful; they are just what I need for my students… and especially your saint books!” … “Sister, the new “St Paul Daily Missal” is just great. It really helps me follow the Mass. Thanks so much for coming to our parish!” “Sister! The JClub Bookfair is just what our school needs. Can you send us more information??”… Yes, the people were enthusiastic and excited about our PBM titles during our recent apostolic trip to Dallas…

We had our time in Dallas planned out, more or less…. We stopped at “Catholic Arts and Gifts” in Baton Rouge on our way over; visited with Cherie, the store manager. This way she could see, first- hand, our beautiful new Pauline books: “My Baptism Bible,”  “My Storytime Bible” and  ”St. Kateri Tekawitha” as well as our board books for “little people”. We visited 2 school libraries on the following morning, presenting JCLub; our children’s titles before setting up for the UDallas Ministry Conference. The 2-day Conference was, after all, the “driving force” for our trip to Texas, and we wanted our booth space to be set up just right.

The 2-day Conference hosted 5600 participants, and proved to be a great opportunity to meet with catechists, teachers, (both English and Spanish) resulting in some very nice diffusion. They were especially interested in our books on saints, and were pleased to learn of JClub requesting Info Packs on our Bookfair Program….
Exhibits of Pauline Media

Next there was a parish display at St Francis of Assisi (my brother’s parish) in Grapevine, TX. and the Kenyan community was having their monthly Mass in Irving, which Sr Jackie attended…. Again, we experienced an incredible welcome at both places….

Monday was our “Holy Spirit” day, as we were literally “led by the Spirit” after our 2 morning  appointments. Elva, the owner of a quaint bookshop in Coppell, encouraged us to visit the nearby parish: “Sisters, you really should visit across the street at St Ann’s. After all, they are the largest parish in this area with 9,000 families! And don’t forget  Mary Immauclate School!”…  And so Monday was quickly filled with visits, good diffusion, and the Spirit “leading the way,”…  and all the way up to the gentleman at the gas station who offered us some very helpful advice: “Sisters, I would not venture out in the traffic right now- it’s a parking lot! Why don’t you go have some dinner? There is a good taco place down the street.” His tip proved to be very helpful: after eating the local fare, we made record time back to the convent! And that was quite a feat considering Dallas' road system and extensive highways!!
Mary's Heart Catholic Gift Store

We headed back to New Orleans on Tuesday, making a stop at “Mary’s Heart” Bookstore in Alexandria, LA where the owner placed a very nice PBM order. Tinsley’s shop is the only Catholic bookstore in a 75 mile radius so Catholics “seek her out.” And my hunch is that they do so, not only because of her Catholic product, but also because of her warm and welcoming presence, and vibrant faith.  Her bookstore is a real ministry for her, and this warms any Pauline's heart! And so a visit with Tinsley was a wonderful way to end our apostolic adventure to Texas: “Sisters, thanks for visiting me with your beautiful books… thanks for taking the time.” “And thank you Tinsley for your ministry and witness!”

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