Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy Week and Holy in Weakness

Holy Week in Boston is about welcoming women
to join us in a most solemn week of retreat. 
Our new home on Staten Island.
Holy Week at the Daughters of St. Paul in New York this year is all about emptying and changing both physically and spiritually. I for one see my surroundings, a convent without pictures, statues, books, DVDs, and finally without tables, chairs, dishes, etc. as a metaphor for "dying to self." We are moving the convent this Holy Week while remaining in the midst of mission activity. This morning I picked up one of the unpacked books in my room "Into the Silent Land." I realized that silence at a time that is full of upheaval is necessary. After a time of prayer and contemplation I felt refreshed and ready to pack some more. Since life as usual has not stopped this computer is being used until I have to close it down and take the desk apart. Once again it is a metaphor for the spiritual life - a paradox. We are all bound together in our journey of struggle, chaos and fragmentation. Together we break the whole bread of Christ that feeds us as we become one. "God has taken unto himself the brokenness of the human condition," writes Martin Laird (Into the Silent Land). "Hence human woundedness, brokenness and death itself are transformed from dead ends into doorways." St. Paul said it like this: God's power is at full strength in our weakness (2 Cor. 12:8-9). What is being emptied in our former home on Delafield Avenue is entering into a new home at Richmond Terrace through the doors that are open to welcome community. Life reminds me about death and resurrection every day. I am also packing to leave for vacation and to move to another community. My insides are all jumbled over these simultaneous moves and goodbyes. As the Holy Week liturgies begin Jesus walks along side of us in our own Holy Week and transforms our weakness into new life through resurrection. This happens in our kenosis with Christ - emptying ouselves for the big move - the Trinity moving into us more fully!

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