Friday, July 12, 2013

Biblical Evangelization

For a Pauline the Word of God is inseparable from life and liturgy. For this reason it is the essence of evangelization. Jesus is the message and the messenger of the blessed Trinity. We touch him in Word and Eucharist. We are nourished on him, Word and Eucharist. We become Word for our brothers and sisters. We become Eucharist for our brothers and sisters. In our chapels the bible is always opened up as a symbol of what is revealed. When we have Eucharistic adoration the scriptures are opened right near the exposed Eucharist. Not only is the bible open and the Eucharist exposed for us but as a reminder that we are there exposed before God, open to the mystery, open to transformation. There we praise and worship knowing that all we have is from the One who loves and sustains us. We read this, we receive this, we share this with the world.

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