Friday, September 27, 2013

From Our Sisters in Kenya

Sr. Mary Augustine from left third in the back. FSP Kenya.
Thank you for all the e mails you sent me. I really appreciate your love and concern and especially your prayers.

I do not have to say much to update you because I know it is on the news. But even though the siege is finished, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. They are not sure how many people died because there might still be bodies under the rubble of the collapsed floors. The top floor was a parking lot, plus it was used for many things. Children were there having a cooking competition. When the terrorists went up there, they shot many people, including children. Then after some of them put around 20 mattresses on fire on the third floor, the top floor collapsed, probably because besides the fire, there were hand grenades and other explosives which the soldiers are still finding and diffusing the ones that did not go off. In the end, three floors collapsed, one on top of another. We saw the pictures on TV last night and it looked like an earthquake had happened.

Many funerals were held in these days. 71 people are still accounted for. 11 terrorists were arrested either at the airport or in the mall itself, and are in custody now, but we are not hearing anything about them. Over 1000 people were rescued or managed to escape themselves. Now in these past two days, the papers are giving stories of many heroes who risked their lives to save others by going back into the mall to bring out as many people as they could. It is also very heartwarming to see that over 1500 people donated blood – even some of our sisters went to donate their blood. Experts from many countries are in the mall now, checking for fingerprints, DNA for identification, etc. There are still many questions to be answered but I guess they will be answered in time.

The president declared three days of mourning and there are many prayer services around the country. So once again, I thank you for joining us with your prayers and thoughts. God bless all of you and GOD BLESS KENYA. Its people are great, and I love them and I love being here.

With love and prayers,

Sr. Mary Augustine

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