Friday, January 3, 2014

Symphony of Joy: A Short Film on Mother Scholastica Rivata

Pauline Cooperator and actress Christin Jezak has joined her friends in the movie industry to shoot a short film on Mother Scholastica Rivata, P.D.D.M. The film is entitled "Symphony of Joy" reflecting Mother Scholastica's joy as she followed God's call to begin a new branch of the Pauline Family. She faced loss, misunderstandings, hardships and celebrated everyday triumphs. As a Disciple of Jesus, the Divine Master, Scholastica embraced joy. In this film about the film you will meet the actors who play key people in her life A group of musicians, not present in this promo, will be playing a symphony throughout the film. The script is by Christin Jezak. Sr. Tiziana, P.D.D.M. found donations and support for production of the film.

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