Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pilgrims of Lent: Online Resources

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Jesus, Way, Truth, and Life
“We are wayfarers, just because we are images of God. God is not only our final end, God is our Way. […] The surprise of God is contained in our lives. The image that is left to us of Jesus is not from our frequent times in the Temple, but from our frequenting of life: roads, camps, the Lake, homes, the houses of banquets, the houses of tears, the homes of friends, the house where we are anointed, and the faces, the faces, the Liturgies of faces. The Man of the Spirit, is Jesus, not because he is outside of life, but because he is able to animate life with the breath of His Spirit. The sacred drops into the heart of life. To live is to be a pilgrim in the fields of life, waiting to begin the pilgrimage into Light. ‘Walk the paths of men and you will find God” [Augustine]. God is not the God of books, but of the flesh into which he descended, of the flesh that hopes, loves, suffers, cries out and rejoices. »
Blessed James Alberione, SSP

Church in Benedict, LA. St. Joseph's Monastery

Sr. Rose's Online Lenten Movie Retreat:

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