Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter! We are Called and Sent to Bring the Gospel

Happy Easter!
Here is a reflection from the Sister Disciples General Chapter
Called and sent by the Risen One,
faced with the challenges
of a world in constant change
we, as "disciples" propose to
understand anew
our mission in its unity,
renew our life,
discern our presence,
in order to "communicate"
Jesus Master
within the various cultures
in the 3rd millennium.
Creative fidelity demands that we be similar to our Founder in vocation, above all in embracing his specific proposal to enter into rapport with God (spirituality), to live in apostolic urgency as he did, with the attentiveness to the Magisterium of the Church and the signs of the times in rapport with the world that so characterizes him (mission) and with the creativity of charity for the proclamation of Jesus Master Way and Truth and Life, in the spirit of St. Paul, apostle and mystic.
Sr. M. Paola Mancini,
superior general, pddm

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