Monday, July 21, 2014

Pauline Cooperators Preparing for a Retreat with Brother Who Knew Blessed James Alberione

Annual Pauline Cooperator Retreat

     Across the USA and Canada the Pauline Cooperators, and others interested in seeing what the Association is all about, are welcome to the annual retreat. It will be held in various locations, especially where there is a Pauline center. Brother Aloysius Millela is our director this year. Some locations will receive a pre-recorded DVD of his presentations. click on the brochure to find out more about Brother Al. He will be "live" in Boston at the retreat house.
     St. Thecla's retreat house is reserved for September 19, 20 and 21st for the East Coast retreatants. Anyone is welcome from across the States and Canada. If you are coming to the East Coast retreat contact Sr. Mary Lea, as found on this brochure. If you desire to attend at another location contact the Pauline Center in your area. Blessings!
Please note: email is Lhill not Mhill

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Maryann Toth said...

Looking forward to the retreat at St. Thecla's. As always, it will be a weekend of Pauline spirituality and fellowship with my Pauline family.