Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Centenary Year Full of Thanksgiving and Celebration!

In the Los Angeles area we are very fortunate to have 7 branches of the Pauline Family represented: The Society of St. Paul (from the Mexican Province), the Sister  Disciples of the Divine Master, the Daughters of St. Paul, the Annunciationists, the Gabrielites, the Holy Family Institute, and the Pauline Cooperators.

 Daughters of St Paul in Culver City with Archbishop Gomez

On June 27th, 2015, the Daughters of St. Paul in Culver City celebrated their 100th Anniversary Mass with Archbishop Gomez as the main celebrant.  Members of the Pauline Family joined in the Mass and reception which followed the celebration.  We felt it to be an especially historic day because it was exactly on June 27, 1915 that Fr. James Alberione met Mother Thecla Merlo for the very first time! 

The LA Pauline Family Celebrates Thanksgiving
and Bl James Feast Day Together

This past year, Fr. James Alberione’s Feast day fell exactly on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.  So what did the Pauline Family in Los Angeles do?  We came together for an extra special Mass of Thanksgiving in the Daughters of St. Paul Chapel, followed by a Thanksgiving Day Feast in our Conference Room.  We enjoyed all of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner dishes such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. But to give it a local twist, we also provided homemade salsas – hot, extra hot, medium and mild.

As the Centenary of the Daughters of St. Paul draws to a close on February 5th, 2016, we prepare to gather one more time during this Centenary Year for a Mass of Thanksgiving as a Pauline Family on Sunday January 24th (the day before the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul).  There will be close to 30 of us Los Angeles Paulines coming together for Mass and Dinner: 5 from the Society of St Paul, 5 from the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, 6 of us Daughters of St. Paul, 1 or 2 Annunciationists, 8 Pauline Cooperators, and this time we also invited 3 young women who are in discernment.
Sr Marie James with the LA Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

  Book published by the Society of St. Paul

The candidates and promised Pauline Cooperators have enjoyed these opportunities to meet and come to know the other members of our Pauline Family. The new book that was published by the Society of St. Paul in Staten Island gave the Cooperators in Culver City a good overview of the branches founded by Alberione.

June, Rocco Siciliano, Maria Siciliano, Sr Marie James 

This year of thanksgiving and celebration has provided many joyous occasions to come together as a Pauline Family.  What a grace it is to be part of a big family!  One of our promised cooperators, Maria Siciliano, said "I enjoy meeting fellow Pauline Cooperators at the many events hosted at Pauline Books and Media in Culver City.  My spirit is nurtured and my faith fed at these gatherings".  Shellie Di Spirito, a candidate who is in formation to become a Pauline Cooperator, remarked that “It has been wonderful to meet the other members of our Pauline Family!  I love sharing faith and apostolic experiences with the Paulines and learning about their experiences too”.                  



Sr. Marie James Hunt entered the Daughters of St Paul community in 1981.  She is currently missioned in California where she is the local superior of the Daughters of St Paul in Culver City and manager of the Pauline Books and Media Center in San Diego.  Sr. Marie James is also the West Coast Coordinator of the Pauline Cooperators.

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This is a beautiful tribute to the Pauline Family in Los Angeles, the unity among the institutes and the grace of God working among them! Sr. Patricia Mary