Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Advent Reflections and 6 New Culver City Cooperators

Advent is one of my favorite times of the year.  It is a time for watching, waiting, listening, and contemplating.  I love to watch the season change from long bright sunny days to shorter days with cooler crisper air and deeper sleep at night.  Waiting is not easy for me and our fast paced electronics filled culture feeds my desire to know now what the future holds.  Advent is a time that slows my pace down and invites me to savor the moments and ponder in gratitude the gifts of each day.

My copy of the Mary of Nazareth DVD
One of my favorite quotes from Scripture to meditate with speaks of Mary: “And she pondered all these things in her heart”.  Mary is my Advent companion and friend.  I look to her and seek to learn how she prepared for the coming of Jesus.  She listened to the voice of God in prayer, in the message of the Angel Gabriel, in the words of Elizabeth her cousin, and in every moment of her life. 

If you have not seen the movie: Mary of Nazareth, I invite you to watch it during Advent and to especially focus on the scenes leading up to the birth of Jesus.  Mary is portrayed as a strong woman of faith and the actress Alyssa Jung did a marvelous portrayal of showing Mary as both deeply faith filled and deeply human.  We were privileged to host a screening of the movie in Culver City three years ago and Alyssa came to answer questions and share with us her experience of playing the role of Mary.  She drew on her own experience as a mother and she let that experience guide and direct her in the role.  The movie Mary of Nazareth is one that often plays in my imagination when I hear the Advent readings and I am grateful for the gift of a deeper faith and contemplation that it has blessed me with and I wish the same for you!
Six New Pauline Cooperators in Culver City

On Sunday October 30, 2016, we celebrated the Feast of Jesus, the Divine Master with a Mass and Dinner.  During the Mass we had five of our six cooperator candidates make their cooperator promises.  On Sunday November 27, 2016, we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent and the day after the Feast of Blessed James Alberione.  During the Mass, we had the sixth cooperator candidate make his promises and I introduce each of them to you below:

                                         Teresa Conner

Teresa Conner has known us for 20 years.  She is a newly retired nurse and she will be moving to Virginia in December.  Teresa is looking forward to meeting the Pauline Cooperators in Virginia and she hopes to volunteer regularly at our Pauline Book and Media Center in Alexandria Virginia.

                                          Mary Latini

Mary Latini is a parishioner at St Mark’s in Venice, California.  She attended our Bishop Barron DVD “Catholicism” classes as well as the series of classes by Fr Gaitley.  Mary was drawn to deepening her Spiritual life and when I invited the attending members of the various courses to join the inquiry group of Pauline Cooperators, Mary signed up!

                                          Joanne Morrissey

Joanne Morrissey is a retired Catholic grade school teacher who was also attending the variety of formation classes at Pauline Books and Media and seeking to deepen her spiritual life.  She has generously offered her time and talent in assisting us with Cooperator meeting preparations and more recently with Christmas Card mailings.

                                                 Peter MacNicol

Peter has known us for 20 years.  The Sisters and the Pauline Books and Media Center were his primary resource during his RCIA journey into becoming Catholic in 2000.  Peter is an actor and finds the Pauline Spirituality and Mission to be a source of inspiration and support.  He is a friend, supporter, volunteer and benefactor to us in Culver City.

                                          Amelia Tagle

Amelia Tagle was born and raised in the Philippines and she is a cousin of Cardinal Tagle.  She knew the Daughters of St Paul in the Philippines and she felt drawn to the Pauline charism.  Amelia also attended one of our Book Center courses and when I invited her to join the inquiry group, she also committed to the Pauline cooperator formation.

                                          Theresa Limtiaco

Theresa Limtiaco is a parishioner at St Augustine’s in Culver City. Theresa was born and raised in Guam. We often see her at Church and she also attended our courses and events in the Book Center seeking to grow in her spiritual life.  She is a Confirmation Catechist and she was seeking to also grow in her knowledge of the Catholic Faith so that she could share it with her students.

                                         5 New Cooperators on October 30, 2016
                                         Feast of Jesus Master

                                          1 more New Cooperator on November 27, 2016
                                          First Sunday of Advent and Pauline Family in LA
                                          Celebrates the Feast of Blessed James Alberione

                                         Sending Forth: "Receive the Gospel, Live the Gospel,
                                         Take the Gospel to the World."

(Patricia Conklin also joined the Pauline Cooperators from Charleston, SC November 27, 2016)


Sr. Marie James Hunt entered the Daughters of St Paul community in 1981.  She is currently missioned in California where she is the local superior of the Culver City community.  Sr. Marie James is also the West Coast Coordinator of the Pauline Cooperators.

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Maryann Toth said...

Thank you for the beautiful Advent reflection, Sr. The Scripture verse you mentioned about Mary is also one of my favorites. Thank you also for introducing the new Cooperators. We welcome them to our Pauline Family. Merry Christmas!