Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Joy, Five New Cooperator Candidates, and One New Cooperator

"Colorful spring garden"
Anita Martinz, with permission.
Happy Easter to all of you!  The Lord is Risen! Alleluia! 

I lived in Northern Virginia from age 10-15 and I fondly remember how beautiful the Spring flowers would be, especially in April.  The flowers would come in stages beginning with the purple, yellow and white crocuses, to the brilliant yellow daffodils and flowering forsythia bushes, and eventually the dogwood trees and rhododendron bushes that would burst in colors of pink, white and magenta. 

As St Paul said, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what God has prepared for us!”  We cannot even imagine how glorious heaven will be, and after having experienced the beautiful Spring seasons in Virginia, I now and then try to imagine how beautiful the Eternal Garden will be for us.

In Culver City, we have a group of five new candidates who have completed their six months of inquiry and are in the beginning of their year of formation as Pauline Cooperators.  This too is a beautiful way for me to celebrate Spring here in Southern California! Sharing our Pauline Charism with new candidates brings me joy and hope in the Risen Jesus who brings us new life, joy and hope!

Now, let me introduce to you the five new candidates:

Mary Fido
Mary Fido (right) with her cousin,
Sr. Lusia Yvonne, fsp
Cooperator in Formation

Mary is the cousin of Sr Lusia Yvonne, a Daughter of St Paul from Samoa, who is stationed here in Culver City.  Mary is a data processor and also a teacher in the RCIA program at her parish. Mary has enjoyed the Hours of Adoration, as well as the time of sharing and learning during the period of inquiry.

Carmen Svenrud
Carmen is a regular attendee at our monthly Movie Bible nights.  She is also a Confirmation teacher and she completed the Media Literacy course offered by the Pauline Center for Media Studies here in Culver City.  Carmen is looking forward to the Pauline Cooperator Formation Program and becoming a Pauline Cooperator.

Sharon Hart
  Sharon Hart, Cooperator in Formation
Sharon was lead into the cooperator formation program through a confusion of a date. She thought she was coming to a retreat and found out that that the retreat was held the previous Saturday. I invited her to join us anyway and she was deeply moved by the beauty of the Pauline Hour of Adoration. She realized that it was not a mistake that she came on the wrong Saturday for the retreat! She loves growing in faith and evangelizing with others about her faith. Sharon is also a regular attendee at our monthly Movie Bible nights.

Purisima Narvaez
 Purisima Narvaez, Cooperator in Formation

I met Purisima Narvaez at a Marian retreat day at a local parish. I was giving a presentation on Mary and the Eucharist through the lens of the Pauline Spirituality and Mission. After the retreat, Purisima came up to me and said that she felt something stir inside and she wanted to know more about Pauline Spirituality and the Pauline Family. She has enjoyed learning about the Pauline Blesseds and Venerables and they inspire her to deepen her desire for Jesus.

Catherine Rodriguez
Catherine was invited to our cooperator formation by Christin Jezak, a promised cooperator who is an actress.  Catherine is a make up artist in Hollywood and she is enjoying the Pauline Cooperator formation and feels the support from Christin and the other Paulines here in the Los Angeles area.  Catherine has volunteered a couple times in our Pauline Book and Media Center.

Sandy Cunningham
Sandy Cunningham, Cooperator

Finally, and from the East Coast, we welcome with great joy our newest promised Cooperator, Sandy Cunningham. Sandy made her Cooperator Promise during Mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Spotswood, New Jersey, in the presence of cooperators Maryann Toth and Betty Caunt, and Sr. Christine Virginia, fsp. Welcome to the newest Pauline Jersey Girl!


Sister Marie James Hunt entered the Daughters of St. Paul community in 1981. She is currently missioned in California, where she is the local superior of the Daughters of St. Paul in Culver City. Sr. Marie James is also the West Coast Coordinator of the Pauline Cooperators.


Maryann Toth said...

Prayers for all five candidates as they begin their year of formation and congratulations to our new promised Cooperator, Sandy. May God bless you all. So nice to see the family of Cooperators growing!

M-L Handal, NYC said...

Thank you, Sister Marie James for introducing us to the five newest candidates for Pauline Cooperator formation. It was nice to see the pictures and hear their personal stories. What wonderful news adding to the joy of the Easter Season! My fondest welcome to you all -- Sandy, Catherine, Purissima, Carmen, and Mary.
As a New Yorker, I was also happy to hear that Sharon, the newest "Pauline Jersey Girl", has joined our ranks here in the Northeast. How wonderful!
I will keep all of you in my daily prayers.