Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mindful Acts of Consecration for Media

Blessed James Alberione invited people from all walks of life to consecrate themselves for the spread of the gospel using the media. Included in this consecration are mindful acts of reparation for the misuse of the media.  Even while opening movies studios, publishing houses, and media centers Alberione realized everyone who took up this work was first of all called to contemplation. His genius was to balance out a very demanding mission with times of meditation, Morning Prayer, daily Mass, and Eucharistic Adoration. He further gifted members of his religious family with another half-hour of prayer for their continual encounter with God. Paulines are called to be fountains overflowing with the gospel for a thirsting world.  Our true goal, Alberione wrote, “is to establish ourselves totally in Jesus Master Way (will) and Truth (mind) and Life (heart); ever more to reach the summit of his personality: I who think in Jesus Christ; I who love in Jesus Christ; I who will in Jesus Christ; or Christ who thinks in me, who loves in me, who wills in me.”

The time of prayer gives space for the seed of God’s word to grow allowing the Word to take on flesh in the publishing house, in the technology, and most of all in the person dedicated to evangelization. Prayer for Alberione was mindfulness throughout the day. Valuing times of silence he often went on month long retreats leaving behind all of his projects as a way to surrender them to God. At least once a week, after celebrating Mass, he would withdraw to his room and remain there the entire day. Sometimes he did this for several consecutive days returning to his regular schedule refreshed, with new energies and initiatives.”[1]  The secret of his apostolic energy was prayer and silence, “Silence allows a person to speak with God, to hear God, and to receive from God; in holy silence the soul withdraws into itself, comes to know itself better, and achieves greater union with God. The person will be fascinated by God, enter into intimate conversation with God….”

At the end of his life Blessed James readily entrusted the mission to his followers. His practice of “handing over” all of his work to God expanded his heart. He prayed that all Paulines would do more than he did. He compared his impending death to a priest removing his vestments after celebrating Mass. “The priest removes the vestments and remains, in all his insignificance, what he is before God.”[2] This gives us insight into his understanding of the Pauline Charism as embracing the media as gifts of God and not as means of power and manipulation. For Paulines God is communicator par excellence and we are his microphone, pen, paper, ink, press, computer, keyboard, and whatever media we adopt to express God’s love.

Prayer to Jesus Divine Master
Jesus, Way between the Father and us, I offer you all and await all from you.
Jesus, Way of sanctity, make me your faithful imitator.
Jesus Way, render me perfect as the Father who is in heaven.

Jesus Life, live in me, so that I may live in you.
Jesus Life, do not permit me to separate myself from you.
Jesus Life, grant that I may live eternally in the joy of your love.

Jesus Truth, may I be, light for the world.
Jesus Way, may I be example and model for souls.
Jesus Life, may my presence bring grace and consolation everywhere.
Blessed James Alberione

[1] James Alberione, pg. 34

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