Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Pauline Cooperators in St. Louis!

On the very first day of the Centenary of the Pauline Cooperators we welcomed four new members into the Pauline Family here in St. Louis! Mimi Ravarino, Patti Anderson, Charlene Henke and Marlene Shelton all made their Promises on June 30 during our mass for the Feast of St. Paul, Apostle. And I know that St. Paul is thrilled to have them in his “family”!

A little about each new Cooperator:

Mimi Ravarino has served as a very active member of our Advisory Board for some years now. She first came in contact with our Sisters when we were on Pine Street and she was working near by. Her Uncle Joe Badaracco was on our very first Board here in St. Louis. For the past four years she has been a regular volunteer in our Book Center, helps with children’s events and the now “annual” Christmas Concert and is a benefactor of the St. Louis community. Welcome Mimi!

Patti Anderson has known us since we were downtown on Pine Street and she was working at the Phone Company. She met us once again at the Steubenville Conferences in Springfield, MO and Sr. Donna William reached out asking if she would help with a parish exhibit. The rest is history. Patti is one of our “star” exhibit volunteers, helps on occasion in the Book Center and is a member of our Advisory Board. Welcome Patti!

Charlene Henke is a frequent patron in our Book Center! She comes to many of our Book Center events and classes and promotes these at her parish. She is our “direct liaison” with St Peter’s in Kirkwood! Charlene loves to share the books and dvds that she purchases with her fellow parishioners, and prays for the good use of media in her daily rosary. Welcome Charlene!

Marlene Shelton has been a long-time patron of our Book Center in St. Louis but her visits became more frequent following her retirement four years ago. She loves to read, bought numerous books and began attending some of the classes that we offer. She also has helped on several exhibits. And this all led her to the next step: formation as a Pauline Cooperator. Welcome Marlene! 

It is always a joy to welcome new members into the Pauline Family. Welcome, all!


Sr Laura Rhoderica Brown has been a professed member of the Daughters of St. Paul for 30 years. She has worked for many years in a number of Pauline Books & Media Centers around the country, as well as in parish outreach and evangelization. She is currently assigned to the FSP community in St. Louis where she also serves as the regional coordinator for Pauline Cooperators.

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