Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Centenary Year Full of Thanksgiving and Celebration !

Pauline Family in Culver City
In the Los Angeles area, we are very fortunate to have 7 branches of the Pauline Family represented: The Society of St. Paul (from the Mexican Province), the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, the Daughters of St. Paul, the Annunciationists, the Gabrielites, the Holy Family Institute, and the Pauline Cooperators.

On June 25th, 2017, the Daughters of St. Paul in Culver City hosted the 100th Anniversary Mass for Pauline Cooperators with Fr. Jim Barnes as the main celebrant.  Members of the Pauline Family joined in the Mass and Pot Luck dinner reception which followed the celebration.

Christin Jezak

Christin offered these reflections after the celebration: “It was such a blessing to gather with the different branches of the Pauline Family to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Cooperators!  We renewed our promises together, which was a reaffirming experience.  It's always good to remember that you are not alone in the Pauline mission.  For the mass, we used the readings for the feast of St. Paul and his presence was truly felt!  It was great after to sit down and have a meal together and to catch up with old and new friends of the Pauline Family”.  

As the Centenary of the Pauline Cooperators celebration year continues, we prepare to gather again at the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master’s house for the Feast of Jesus Master in October and I am sure we will celebrate again close to the Feast Day of Blessed James Alberione and in January 2018 close to the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  As Sr. Tiziana, PDDM, remarked in an email after our recent celebration, “these times of celebration together remind us that we are truly a Pauline Family”!

The candidates and promised Pauline Cooperators have enjoyed these opportunities to meet and come to know the other members.  This year of thanksgiving and celebration will provide many joyous occasions to come together as a Pauline Family.   One of our promised cooperators, Maria Siciliano said, "I enjoy meeting fellow Pauline Cooperators at the many events hosted at Pauline Books and Media in Culver City.  My spirit is nurtured and my faith fed at these gatheringsWe Cooperators were excited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding at the special Mass held on June 25th at Pauline Books and Media in Culver City, CA.  As a Cooperator, I am honored to be part of Father Alberione's mission to evangelize my corner of the world through media and the written word.  As a grandchild of Italian immigrants, I am always happy to travel to Italy to see that beautiful country and my family that remains there.  In May 2018, I will have the additional privilege of traveling with my Pauline family to see where Father Alberione lived, worked, and prayed.  I can't think of anything better”!  

 Maria Siciliano
As mentioned by Maria above, we are looking forward to the grand conclusion of the Pauline Cooperators Centenary Year with the Pilgrimage to Rome May 18-28, 2018.  There are two days of conferences for this international gathering and the themes that will be presented during the 2 days of conferences are: 1) The Pauline Cooperators and the Pauline Spirit (the Spirit of St. Paul), 2) The Pauline Cooperators and the Church Today: the Role of the Laity, and 3) The Pauline Cooperators in the Pauline Family: Charismatic Aspect of the Mission of the Pauline Cooperator.  Imagine the joy of gathering with Pauline Cooperators from all over the world to reflect together on these themes and then travel in Pilgrimage to the original sites of the founding of the Pauline Family!  Your RSVP forms to reserve your place for this once in a lifetime adventure is due to Sr. Patricia Mary Maresca by August 31st!  Her email address is With the Grace of God, I hope to see you all there!


Sr. Marie James Hunt entered the Daughters of St Paul community in 1981. She is currently missioned in California where she is the local superior of the Culver City community.  Sr. Marie James is also the West Coast Coordinator of the Pauline Cooperators.

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