Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Prayer that can Move Mountains!!

I recently attended the Steubenville-STL Mid-Atlantic Youth Conference in Springfield, MO, where 4000 teens gathered for a weekend of prayer and praise. It was a powerful weekend and Jesus drew near to these kids in wonderful ways. And Jesus drew near to me, as well, teaching me once again, the power of prayer.

I don’t know about you, but I need to be told over and over and over, that prayer and specifically MY PRAYER can and at times does have the power to move mountains! As a Daughter of St. Paul I pray a lot each day, but Jesus had to show me once again (as it takes  me awhile to get it!) that my prayer can make a difference, a BIG difference in the lives of many. And he showed me this through two women I met at the Conference.

The first was one of the Conference Speakers named Katie, and the second was a woman I met in the Conference Book Store (now where else would you find a Daughter of St. Paul?!) Katie told a story during her talk of a pivotal moment in her life at a Steubenville Conference she attended as a teen. After the Conference she decided to begin praying for the man she would one day marry. She prayed for him daily, asking Jesus to strengthen him when tempted, aid him in his struggles and protect him always. She said she prayed like a warrior for this man who she did not know but who Jesus knew very well. She even kept a journal of her prayer and this helped her to be faithful.

Sharon had a similar story, but in reverse. Her husband began praying for the woman he would one day marry in the sixth grade. “Sister,” Sharon said.  “I am sure it was his prayers for me that kept me going. And I am sure I would not be a woman of faith and the mother of ten children if he had not prayed for me! God protected me from so much…!”

After hearing both of these women’s stories, all I could say to myself was, “WOW!” How amazing and how good God is! But why should I be so amazed? Doesn’t Jesus say over and over, “ask and you will receive;” so why am I so surprised and amazed? Because I needed to hear it yet again!

Image result for pictures of Blessed AlberioneBlessed Alberione was a man of prayer, of deep prayer. (As a 16 year old kid he prayed for four hours before the Eucharist! Many of us make not an hour of adoration, but four hours of adoration?!) Alberione would tell us Paulines, “prayer first of, above all, the life of all!" Obviously he considers prayer to be pretty important...

In the documentary “Media Apostle:The Father Alberione Story,” the movie tells us that Alberione would pray up to six hours a day. And that was in addition to all the work he was doing!  “Many people wanted to follow Alberione, the man of action,”  the film says, “But few the man of prayer.”  Yet prayer is what causes the “action” to bear fruit, to have an effect!

During August we typically think of heaven. This is because of the two Marian feasts that we celebrate during this month: the Assumption of Mary (into Heaven) and the Queenship of Mary (where she reigns as Queen in heaven.) And her “work” in heaven is us! She reigns in order to intercede for you and for me and to present our prayers to Jesus. So don’t you  think it is a good time to “up the prayers” (at least in intensity!) and to present them to Jesus through Mary. And then we will see some amazing things happen…


Sr. Laura R. Brown has been a Daughter of St. Paul since 1985 and has been assigned to many communities. Her current assignments in St. Louis, MO, include outreach, as well as assistance with Pauline Book & Media Center events. She has an MA in Theology and Pastoral Ministry and participated in the Pauline Charism Course in Rome from 2008 to 2009.

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