Friday, September 21, 2018

Pauline Laity Round-Up

Hello, Pauline laity. Here's the scoop on two things happening right now among the Paulines in the US. Jump aboard. Bring some Alberione into your world. Cooperators.

Help the Daughters Build 

a New Cooperator Office!

Sr. Marie James Hunt, the new national Director of the Association of Pauline Cooperators, along with some good Pauline friends, have been busy since July cleaning, organizing, and setting up a new National Cooperator Office in the New Orleans convent of the Daughters of St. Paul.

The sisters have set up a Flipcause page for donations at
Can you lend a hand financially to help cover the costs for a new laptop, office supplies, electrical work and Internet cabling for the new area?  If you would prefer to mail a check, please make it out to the Daughters of St. Paul and send it to Sr. Marie James at the address below. With gratitude, blessings, and prayers, from Sr. Marie James Hunt, fsp, 4403 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006, (617) 543-8427 (cell).

Jump on the My Sisters Trolley--

Join the My Sisters Community ! 

His name was the Reverend Fred Rogers. He was a Presbyterian minister from Pittsburgh who was also a puppeteer, a musician, a writer, and a television producer and showrunner. But he was better known and almost universally loved as Mister Rogers, the gentle and loving host of the children's television program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. 

Mister Rogers was a man after Blessed Alberione's own heart, a man who used the medium of television to introduce children to authentic gospel realities through non-religious narratives that were scaled down to the pace and language that young children require. He is "having a moment" this year, with a documentary film Won't You Be My Neighbor, a live action fictional film You Are My Friend starring Tom Hanks, and even the Google Doodle staff creating a stop motion animated short celebrating the September 21 anniversary of the premiere of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  

Remember how Mister Rogers' Neighborhood had a magic trolley to take visitors into the Land of Make Believe?  There they would meet Daniel Tiger, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, King Friday, and all of the other characters voiced by the Fred Rogers in his television ministry? Don't we all want a trolley to take us to a place beyond the mundane geography of ordinary life?  

The really wonderful part of My Sisters is the tools of spiritual connectivity the community provides, such as the live streaming of regular interactive discussions and devotions. Let the My Sisters folks tell you themselves:

Are you a Christian looking for guidance in the spiritual life? MY SISTERS offers spiritual companionship for those seeking the sacred in everyday life. 

Do you feel like life is whizzing by and the most important stuff…the sacred things—faith—is what gets lost in the daily bustle? If so, you're not alone. Most people want to be more centered and spiritual. They want to grow in their faith and they want to know God’s will for them. Do you share these questions: Where do I start? Do I buy another program? Watch another series of videos or rush from work to some conference at the church? 
Let us introduce you to the community of women and men seeking greater holiness in their everyday life who gather online here at My Sisters. 
Here the sisters spend time with you, share with you how to pray, why you can trust in God's love for you, how to find calm and how to meditate, the ways in which you can discover God's will for you, and more. 
In My Sisters we have prayerfully and thoughtfully created a community of spiritual mentorship for people in their life of discipleship in today's world. 
Thank you for your generosity.

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