Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sharing the Father's Blessing

Samuel Dedicated by Hannah at the Temple by Frank W.W. Topham

In this week's Pauline laity vlog, Christin Jezak shares her thoughts on the power of blessings.  Like a good father, speaking even one kind word -- a "Blessing" --  to our family, friends and even strangers will make a difference!


Christin Jezak has been a Pauline Cooperator since 2012. An actress, playwright, and producer, she strives to do theatre which inspires, uplifts, and stirs society. She created, and has performed worldwide, Person-to-Person: A Mother Teresa Project, including a performance at the Official Youth Festival of World Youth Day 08 in Sydney. Christin holds a M.A. in theatre from Villanova University, where she was seen in such plays as The Tempest, Urinetown, and Our Town.  In 2003, she started a ministry called Immaculate Art Ministries, which toured Massachusetts and beyond. She earned her B.A. in theatre from Bridgewater State College and was seen in such roles as Bella from Big Love and Berta from Pippin. She is represented commercially & theatrically by Angel City Talent and has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel and a GrubHub Superbowl commercial.  


Unknown said...

Awesome job, Christin....loved the Vlog...perfect way for you to do your article!

Rae Stabosz said...

Excellent reminder of the power of words.